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Revenue sharing so far

Sick art

inkETH are E-ink drawings handcrafted by PX99. 1 of 1 editions only. No traits or fake scarcity. inkETH artworks aims to become the most wanted, raw but yet sexiest collectibles with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain!
Aesthetic? Well it’s all about personal mythology applied to crypto with dope af iconography!

Interactive shit

Collectors can share a punchline that will be immortalize on the next inkETH drop… Let’s make NFT history together!


Summary ?

▪ A collection of 1/1 E-ink drawings
▪ No traits scarcity bullshit (all inkETH are equally rare)
▪ Minted on the Ethereum blockchain
▪ Primary sales are auctions
▪ Collector receive 50% proceeds from the sale following the inkETH they bought
▪ Payements to collectors are posted on InkETH Twitter account and publicly auditable on the ETH blockchain
▪ Collectors can share a punchline that will be immortalize on the next drop

Drop frequency & auctions ?

Each time an auction is settled a new inkETH will be minted and put to auction. No inkETH is entered the market If the previous auction didn’t find a buyer.
Follow the project on Twitter for any communication about drops and sales.

Supply ?

Total inkETH supply isn’t cap and solely depends of demand. That’s being said it will remain a trully scare collection as each artwork is carefully handcrafted on an E-ink device by PX99. So inkETH will never reach the 10k magic number that we can see everywhere. We don’t talk about generative shit here. We talk about true 1 of 1 editions.

Pricing ?

Proceeds are equally split minus the 2.5% Opensea cut. Reserve price is 0.1 ETH per inkETH. Note that fees from winning bid acceptance will be split 50/50 with the buyer if the ending price is lower than 1 ETH (Opensea cover the gas fees from auction higher than 1 ETH but accepting a bid lower costs gas for the seller…). Anyway inkETH isn’t intended to be a cheap collection. The more a piece is sold for the more collectors get back then… Make sense right? WAGMI. A win-win for both artist and collectors!

Safe way to the moon by PX99

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